John Mort is an artist from Perth, Australia.

That was the easy part of writing John’s profile. You see, John’s artwork is not the same as any other art you will have seen. It’s unique, in the true meaning of the word.

If you gave John’s art a “tag” and let’s face it this is what a lot of people want, then it would be described as “pop art”.

It’s derived from John’s decades working in journalism and visual media in various parts of the world. Many thousands of fans around the world enjoy his healthily cynical take on anything from art, music and the weirdness of us humans.

What makes John even more of a ‘one off’ is his style and the way he goes about creating his art. People are blown away when they learn the pieces are essentially ‘finger painting’. John doesn’t use any pen or brush or stylus on his sketchpad just his bare hands. How he manages to get such detail into the work is beyond most of us. Even John himself can’t really tell us how he does it, although he is quite willing to show how he creates.

“I really don’t know where I am heading when I start a piece. My fingers get busy and hopefully something interesting will come out of it,” he says…

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“I don’t think you can be totally ‘original’ if you know exactly what you are going to do because there is always a temptation, even subconsciously, to be influenced. I know this might sound dopey, but it’s how I see art.”

“I really enjoy making the pieces and if others can get something out of them too then so much the better.”

Judging by the wide interest in John’s art, admirers are taking his words about also enjoying his work to heart. From private collectors who want pieces on their walls to companies who want them hanging in their offices, printers and framers are being kept busy.

This “web3” direction for appreciating John’s work is another opportunity to enjoy the art and invest in its future.

John is big jazz fan and has been since he was turned on to Miles Davis when he was still a teenager.

“While I come to love many other jazzbos over the years, Miles is my main man.”

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The Exclusive NFT Artworks

Below are 4 artworks by John chosen exclusively for this pilot NFT project.

Only 99 NFTs of each will ever be minted. You will be owning a very limited and exclusive piece of history.

The Artworks

The ‘road less traveled’ can be an amazing pathway, but just when you have your compass set that road can fade away to nothing. The trick is not to panic or despair, just keep looking ahead and a new path will open up.

They say Hipsters are graduates of the ‘Cool Skool’. While being hip is a way of life it’s not a paying job. To make ends meet, this Hipster has a day gig as a cool school crossing guard. Lookin’ the part dude!

When Jazzbos and Soul Singers get together you can bet that from wherever they start and wherever they take the groove it is all going to turn blue in the end.

Windows of Opportunity can be hard to spot in all the colour and clutter. So when you do find one open, don’t wait for an invitation, just move on through it.