Unlucky Peep when he was a green zombie Peep
Unlucky Peep (Up) landed on Ykcul head first in front of #UNLUCKY, the planet's guardian black cat
Unlucky Peep, Up, nibbled by #UNLUCKY
Zombie peep doesn't taste too good. Up was spat out.
Up's transformation to a Black Zombie Peep

His journey takes a peculiar turn when a misguided GPS routes him into a black hole, catapulting him to the whimsical planet Ykcul.

Upon arrival, he’s nibbled by #UNLUCKY, the planet’s guardian black cat. This bite unexpectedly transforms Up into a stylish Black Zombie Peep with a golden beak and mismatched foot but keeps his spirited green feather on his forehead.

Stranded on Ykcul, #UNLUCKY, unable to leave his post, aids Up by directing him towards a mystical portal rumored to lead back home and gifts him a magical black crown offering guidance and protection.

#UNLUCKY showing Up the mystical portal that may take him home.

With new regalia, Up’s adventure transforms into a series of misadventures, each more enriching than the last. He meets various quirky characters, each adding layers of fun and wisdom to his journey.

These encounters teach Up and his followers the value of seeing the brightness in so-called ‘unlucky’ situations and turning every setback into an opportunity. Up’s story is more than just a quest; it’s a lively narrative filled with lessons on perseverance, friendship, unexpected joys and more. Whether or not Up finds his way back to ParanorFarm, his adventures remind us that home extends beyond a place—it’s where our stories and discoveries resonate deeply in our hearts.

Stick around and grab a front-row seat to the (mis)adventures as Up fumble and bumble his way towards the mystical portal that may lead back to ParanorFarm…

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Unlucky Peep, aka Up