Jet-lagged from a black hole detour, I barely had time to straighten my green feathers before he pounced, deciding a nibble was in order to figure out just what had crash-landed on his turf.

Let me tell you, the cat’s face when he tasted Zombie Peep — priceless! He spat me out quicker than you can say “bad luck,” leaving me startled and dazed but remarkably different! My feathers? They turned jet black, my beak is now golden with matching fancy left foot; leaving only a couple of quirky original green feathers on my forehead.

To nip a long chirp short… after I dusted myself off and straightened my snazzy new black feathers, we had a bit of a chinwag. And get this – I wondered why this chunky furball didn’t turn into one of my zombie kin after taking a munch.

Turns out, #UNLUCKY – that’s his actual name, not kidding, “Hashtag and all” – rocks 13 lives plus guardian mojo. These perks include a mystical shield that stops him from turning into a brain-nibbler like yours truly. Now, that’s some serious enchantment for ya! Gotta hand it to him; the irony of a cat named #UNLUCKY dodging the zombie curse left, right, and center? Absolutely purr-fect! 😹

Anyhooo, #UNLUCKY, catching the vibe from my adventurous entrance and wild new look, pointed me in the direction of a mystical portal rumoured to whisk me back to ParanorFarm. Not stopping there, he popped his magical black crown onto my head, telling me it’d help guide and guard me on my quest.

So there I was, dusted off and decked out in an elegantly edgy new look, complete with a dark crown that just screams ‘fire’, all set to prance through the quirks of planet Ykcul with my unlucky flair leading the way!

Unlucky Peep, aka Up