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Get ready to wave goodbye to the all too cosy and limited Hedera defi space and say hello to Base – a rapidly growing retail ecosystem backed by Coinbase. The Base community is vibrant, supportive, and full of life. It’s not just about the technology but the people and culture that make it all possible.

Why Move to Base? 🌐

This is not a bridge; it’s a full migration from Hedera to Base. We love the Hedera Hashgraph tech, but history shows that the best tech doesn’t always win – mass retail adoption does. Base offers a promising future where #UNLUCKY can truly thrive and achieve our full potential. Base is also fast, cheap, and comparable to Hedera in defi speed and cost.

Benefits of Base 🚀

Access to Coinbase and the vast Ethereum ecosystems, the largest and best-capitalized in all of crypto, is a huge win. Plus, Coinbase’s upcoming Smart Wallet is set to be a game-changer. With Coinbase’s mission to onchain 1 billion users, we’re thrilled to be part of this exciting journey.

Visit Base for more information: https://www.base.org/

Migration Snapshot & Eligibility 📸

As previously announced, only wallets in this snapshot are eligible for this migration:

Token Swap 🔄

We’re conducting a 10 for 1 token swap.

For every 1 $UNLUCKY (token id 0.0.3957917) you swap, you’ll receive 10 $UNLUCKY on Base, a minimum of 1 million $UNLUCKY(0.0.3957917) token is required. Your percentage of the max supply stays the same – more UNLUCKY to spread the charm!

(Only wallets in this snapshot are eligible for this migration)

What You Will Need

Watch the tutorials: Check out this detailed YouTube tutorial to get familiar with the process of: https://youtu.be/bP77VA0gK88

(If you don’t already have a Trust Wallet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltHv6QAk5ug )

1. Set Up an ETH Account: You need an ETH account and a compatible wallet (Trust or MetaMask recommended). Trust is user-friendly, but any EVM compatible wallet that supports Base works.

2. Add Base Network: Install your chosen wallet and add the Base network.

3. Manually Add $UNLUCKY to your wallet, Contract Address: 0x3933012dcf9BEb0D63778725345e04dCC0C69C7e

4. Deposit Some ETH(Base): You’ll need some ETH (Base), a few dollars will suffice, to interact with the network. Swap your $HBAR for $ETH(Base) using services like SilkSwapDeFi Crosschain Swap, ChangeNOW, SimpleSwap, Changelly, etc…

Send in Tokens For Migration Swap 💱

Send your $UNLUCKY (0.0.3957917) to: 0.0.6049657-qgiih (with your eth account in the memo field).

IMPORTANT: Include your ETH wallet address in the Memo with your transfer. Triple-check your ETH address as your new $UNLUCKY (Base) tokens will be sent here on the distribution date. We will not be responsible for any errors.


SWAP DEADLINE: June 11th 2024, 8AM UTC+0 ENDED
Your $UNLUCKY (0.0.3957917) tokens must be received by account 0.0.6049657-qgiih (with your eth account in the memo field) by this deadline to be eligible for the migration.

UNISWAP LP DEPLOYMENT: June 13th 2024, 13:13 UTC+0
$UNLUCKY(Base) token launch on Base/Uniswap, a momentous occasion timed for ultimate #UNLUCKY charm!

$UNLUCKY(Base) Distribution: token distribution (send to your ETH account) starts within 10 minutes of LP deployment and should complete within minutes.

The Uniswap $UNLUCKY(Base)/ETH(Base) LP will be burned shortly after deployment!

Stay tuned and prepare for the #UNLUCKY magic on Base. Let’s turn those unlucky moments into unforgettable adventures!


IF I DO NOT WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MIGRATION: you don’t need to do anything. Bear in mind that the project will be on Base and we will no longer be supporting the $UNLUCKY HTS token or its LP’s.

WHAT ABOUT THE NFT’s: #UNLUCKY NFT holders of the Founders, Early, Unlucky, PFP, and Real Art will be able to participate in NFT projects we launch on Base.

I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE HEDERA – we’re not asking you to. Many $hbar/HTS holders, ourselves included, have bags in projects on other chains.

> Our Discord for official support/discussions: https://discord.gg/dqsVQny8ab
> Official Telegram: https://unlucky.fun/tg